Saman Khorram


I have worked for these companies:

Lead 3D animator at Illuminations media / 2004-2005

3D Artist at Artios studios / 2003-2004

3D animator at Hoor / 2001-2003

3D Generalist at Simaye Mahan / 1997 to 2000

What I do

Since 2005 I have been providing animation-ralated artistic and technical services to a broad range of clients and production teams.

Services I can offer:

Character design

Organic and solid modeling

3D character and creature animation (keyframe and moion capture)



Shading, lighting, Rendering

Camera tracking

Animation and visual effects for commercial projects.

Creating animation from storyboarding to filnal output based on a story.

What 3D-software I am able to work with:

3D studio Max (model, rig, animation, render)

Maya (model, rig, animation, render, dynamics)

XSI (model, rig, animation, render)

Houdini (model, rig, animation, render, dynamic, effects)

Zbrush/Mudbox (sculpt & texture)